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Health Guarantee

Please Read - Our Health Guarantee   We utilize genetic testing for PDE in our breeding dogs.

This puppy is healthy to the best of our knowledge and ability. Your veterinarian, at your expense, should examine this puppy within 72 hours of this purchase. Failure to have the puppy checked implies that you accept the puppy "as is". If the veterinarian finds a health problem with the puppy, you must inform us immediately (within 24 hours) and return the puppy with a written statement from the veterinarian if you choose not to keep it. We will then exchange the puppy if another is available, or give you a voucher for another puppy from us of equal purchase price. Mountainside Pugs is not responsible for any vet bills the new owner may incur regarding the puppy.
We guarantee the newborn care of this puppy. Our puppies are given only the best in newborn care and will come to you in the best condition possible. Please note we are not responsible for any small bites, nicks, etc., that come from normal play with other puppies.
Our puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age. They will receive their first DHPP vaccination at the time of their 6 week check-up. We will have the puppies vaccinated at the time of the check-up so that all follow-up visits and vaccinations are due on the same schedule. We do not give the DHLPP vaccines to any of our pugs since it has been known to cause allergic reactions in toy breeds. Per our veterinarians suggestion we use the modified version. We feel it is very important for you to discuss a further program with your own veterinarian, to complete your puppy's protection against parasites and diseases.
It is up to the new owner to insure that the puppy is not exposed to infectious diseases, especially Parvo, until it has been fully immunized by a series of three vaccinations.
This guarantee shall become null and void if any vaccinations are given within 10 days of picking up your puppy unless it is specifically stated it is needed on the puppy's medical record.
We guarantee the puppy, up to 1 year of age, against serious genetic defects that could cause the eventual death of the puppy. If such a genetic abnormality is found, the new owner can return the puppy with a statement from a certified, licensed, veterinarian stating the condition of the puppy and that the condition is the result of a genetic abnormality. We will then either replace the puppy or if another puppy is not available at the time, a voucher for a comparable puppy out of another litter will be given.
The guarantee does not cover skin sensitivity to parasites, skin mites, or certain chemicals as it should be understood by the new owner that dogs, like humans, often have skin sensitivities, mites, and allergies. If your puppy comes to you with a hernia, it is understood that we have had our vet
check it twice before they are sold. If necessary we will have it repaired before you pick your puppy up, but whenever possible it is at the advice of our vet that it wait until you spay or neuter your puppy due to the possible complications from anesthesia. The cost of the repair procedure will be the new owners responsibility.
All of our puppies are out of AKC registered parents, and unless you purchased a puppy from a restricted line, you will receive a registration application with your puppy. You will need to fill out the registration form with the required information and fees and mail it to AKC in a timely manner in order to receive your registration in your name. This process is necessary to get the registration certificates for new owners.
If you are purchasing a puppy from a Champion bloodline from us, we require that you spay or neuter the puppy before 5 months of age, and we will only release your AKC registration papers to you upon receipt of the spay/neuter confirmation. We restrict these lines and will not give registration papers for breeding rights unless it is prearranged.
We strive to breed good, quality, dogs with a friendly disposition that will make a happy addition to your household. We cannot guarantee the puppy's temperament or conformation after purchase. It is the new owners responsibility to be aware of any temperament or conformation issues commonly associated with the breed. We also suggest that you visit the AKC website to educate yourself about the breed.
If the new owner determines that they can no longer care for their dog, Mountainside Pugs agrees to take the dog back, and may either keep or place the puppy/dog with an appropriate family. No refund will be given under this circumstance.
Mountainside Pugs will not be responsible for ANY breed related health issues that are common to this breed. It is the the new owners responsibilty to have read, researched, and asked any questions regarding common health issues. Pugs are brachycephalic animals (short-nosed) and as such are subject to issues relating to body structure. This includes but is not limited to breathing difficulties resulting in the need for corrective surgeries for nare elargement or palate repair. We will not be responsible for any such issues. We do vet check and breed only dogs with no history of these problems, but since these problems can occur with any short-nosed breed we will not be responsible.

This health guarantee will be given to all puppy buyers and it is the responsibility of the new owner/buyer to read and understand the content.

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