Mountainside Pugs


If you have been added to another breeders DO NOT SELL list, please do not contact me to try and get a puppy. 

2/7/2021 - We are a small hobby breeder and are currently breeding a couple of litters per year. We are taking names for our waiting list and do NOT take deposits to hold spots. We will post when we breed and have litters expected and you may make a deposit in person, in CASH, after the litter is born to secure a pick from a litter. Final payments are CASH ONLY. We do not accept checks, debit or credit cards of any kind. Priority on our waiting list is given to previous owners and referred customers. Referred customers must give the name of the person referring them. 

We are currently expecting a mixed litter (anytime) and also another mixed litter on 2/21. We have holds on these litters but are taking names for our waitlist. 

Please keep in mind that dogs are living creatures. We base the breeding schedule on the date they are due to cycle back into heat and on the plan that they breed and deliver puppies successfully. As live creatures we have the possibility of a pregnancy not occuring, losing puppies, or losing our mother and puppies. If a problem such as this happens then you will be transferred to the next available litter.  

We utilize genetic testing for PDE in our breeding dogs. 

Choosing is done in the order your name is added to our waitlist. 

Please call or e-mail (contact form on this site) for information.  E-mail is the preferred method of contact.
(719) PUP-PIES 
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