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1/18/2020 - We do not have any available puppies. WE ARE CLOSING TO VISITORS ON 2/15/19 unless you have a hold on the expected February litter. We are not accepting any more deposits for the February litter. We do not have any future litters currently scheduled. 

12/27/19 - WE HAVE AVAILABLE PUPPIES !   We have the following puppies currently available. 

1 fawn M - ready to go 2/2

1 fawn M - ready to go 2/8

1 black M - ready to go 2/8

1 black M - ready to go 2/8

1 black F - ready to go 2/15 

The visitation/choosing date for these puppies is on the weekend after they turn 5 weeks old, you CANNOT come visit puppies before they are 5 weeks old. We are extremely careful about the contact our dogs and puppies have with anyone outside our home and this policy is for the wellbeing of both our adults and puppies. At the time of puppy visits the fawn puppies will have lightened and changed color and the puppies are ready to interact and play with humans. We handle our puppies multiple times daily for the best possible socialization. Puppy choosing/visits are scheduled in the order in which deposits are received. 

We will no longer hold puppies without receiving the deposit as requested. The only exception to this is for referred customers and repeat customers that have cleared it with us beforehand. I am very sorry to have to do this, but I cannot hold puppies while people "decide" if they want it. It is not fair to the people that truly want one.

12/17/19 - Congratulations to our new mothers :)     

12/17/19 - We are now accepting a limited amount of deposits for our waiting lists. We are expecting a black litter any day, a mixed litter 12/24, and a fawn litter on 2/13.

Deposit hold spots are available on our waitlist. 

If you have been added to another breeders DO NOT SELL list, please do not contact me to try and get a puppy. 

Please keep in mind that dogs are living creatures. We base the breeding schedule on the date they are due to cycle back into heat and on the plan that they breed and deliver puppies successfully. As live creatures we have the possibility of a pregnancy not occuring, losing puppies, or losing our mother and puppies. If a problem such as this happens then you will be transferred to the next available litter.  

We utilize genetic testing for PDE in our breeding dogs. 

Choosing is done in the order we receive your deposit.

Please call or e-mail (contact form on this site) for information.  E-mail is the preferred method of contact.
(719) PUP-PIES 
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