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Our Prices

Our Prices Effective12/01/17

All puppies held with a deposit before the litter is born regardless of linage are $1200.00 with a spay/neuter requirement. All puppies purchased after a litter is born are $1300.00 regardless of linage.

All puppies with a full registration (required for breeding or show) are $1500.00.

We take holds on our litters in advance. All puppies for sale after a litter is born are $1300.00 if you will be neuter/spaying regardless of linage. Puppies with a full registration allowing you to breed or show are $1500.00, regardless of lineage.

We utilize genetic testing for PDE in our breeding dogs.

We give a $50.00 discount off of the total cost if you are getting two puppies at one time or two within a 6 month period.

The required deposit to hold the puppy of your choice is $300.00 and is NON-REFUNDABLE although we will transfer it to another of our litters if a desired puppy or puppy hold space is available. This deposit is per puppy. You will get to choose your puppy in the order your deposit is taken. The deposit is held as part of your total payment for your puppy and is NON-REFUNDABLE The balance after deposits are made is the remainder less your deposit. We will take cash, or a credit/debit  card through PayPal for your deposit, and require that your final payment for your puppy be made in either cash or credit/debit card. We reserve the right to refuse personal checks for your full payment.
If you do not respond to e-mails requesting information or requests that you schedule your puppy pick-up, we will assume you do not intend to get a puppy. We will sell the puppy that was held for you.

Our deposit holds and final puppy payments can be made by cash or credit/debit card. Credit and debit cards are processed thru PayPal, a secure site. The fee for using PayPal is already added to your puppy payment. You will be taken thru the check out process with PayPal and may check out as a guest or use your own PayPal account. We will no longer accept personal checks.

If there are not enough of the desired sex in a litter for you to get a puppy from the litter you are holding on OR a mother, puppy, or litter dies then your deposit will be TRANSFERRED to the next litter with an available deposit hold spot. You will also be TRANSFERRED if the dog (litter) you are holding on does not get pregnant or skips a heat cycle. You will also be put at the top of the waiting list (NOT THE HOLDING LIST) on any other litters in order to try to get you the puppy of the color and sex you want as soon as possible. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS A HOLDING LIST FOR PEOPLE THAT HAVE PLACED DEPOSITS AND A WAITING LIST FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE WAITING FOR ANY EXTRA PUPPIES IN LITTERS.

Included :

Health Guarantee
Medical Records with all information pertaining to shots, wormings, vet checks, gland and ear checks, etc for your new puppy. You get one copy for your vet and one copy for your records.

First Shots
Vet Check at least once, usually twice
Worming X 3
A sample of the current food
Microchip (if desired, must be done at 6 week check)
We start potty training. We start with piddle pads and switch to the doggy litter box (artifical grass) once the puppies realize piddle pads are great fun shredded. Puppies are 90-95% piddle pad and doggy litter box trained.

We do not ship puppies and we will not meet you to sell a puppy by a phone call or e-mail request, you must come see the puppy. If you put your deposit down via the Internet and pictures, we expect you to come here to pick up your puppy, we will not meet you. We do this for the sake of the puppy, we feel the new owner must be interested enough to make the drive, otherwise we will not sell the puppy.

Our puppies are ready to go to their new parents when they are between 7 and 8 weeks old. Occasionally we will decide to hold a puppy for an additional week if they were the smallest in the litter. We also work with the new parents in cases of vacations and work schedules, and will do our best to accommodate them, but expect the new owner to realize that we are not a boarding facility and appreciate not being treated as such. If you must leave your puppy (WITH APPROVAL) past the date we give you for pick-up, we WILL charge you a boarding fee of $125.00 per week charged by the full week. Please consider the fact that you made the commitment to buy a puppy, it is YOUR responsibility to come get it in a timely manner. Leaving your puppy here after the rest of the litter has gone to their forever homes puts the care and training of your puppy on us and we ask that you consider that the time between litters is our downtime. We work 24/7 with our dogs and puppies. There are no days off. The time between litters is precious time for us to recharge, please respect it so that we may continue to be able to fully enjoy what we do.

We take major credit cards via PayPal, or cash for the final payment on your puppy, NO CHECKS.

Prices subject to change without notice.

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Puppy Deposits and Final Payments

Easily make your deposit and final payments securely with PayPal.

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